Our investors

We make prospering in the property market easier

There’s no
‘one type’ of
PIC Investor…

Our investors are private clients seeking a wise investment, pension fund managers looking for long term capital growth, and companies seeking attractive returns without the risk to match.

But there are some things that unite all our investors. They know that when they invest with us, they can be completely hands-off, safe in the knowledge that their investment is being expertly managed and monitored all the way to a generous return.

And they know that an investment with PIC is an investment in bricks and mortar. We believe that matters, because when your interest is in specific, physical land and buildings rather than abstract asset portfolios, every investment (and investor) feels more secure.

Whether this is your first foray into the property investment market or you’re looking to expand or diversify your portfolio, make investing easier with PIC.

Make your next property investment with PIC