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Fixed investment returns tailored to your ambitions

When you stay flexible, you can achieve more. At Property Investment Consulting, we never restrict ourselves to one type of property investment any more than we would ever restrict ourselves to working with one type of client.

Instead, we tailor the investments we make to the goals you have. So whether you’re looking to generate regular income or build capital value, we’ll match what we do to the returns you expect.

Every PIC investment is in specific, physical land and/or buildings. It’s a strategy that means our investors feel more involved – and more secure – than with traditional asset management routes.

Then, after carefully sourcing, researching and validating each investment opportunity, we control every stage of development from planning and construction to marketing and letting.

What do we invest in?



The perfect combination of location, infrastructure and development potential that delivers a better return.



Surveying, development and problem solving skills to realise the value others can’t.



Analysis to identify the changes that add value, and the expertise to make them happen.



Intelligent development that realises the full potential of every piece of land.

Meet the team

PIC’s founders have decades of experience in investment, project management and property procurement.

We’re a team of project managers, investment experts, surveyors and estate agents. Unlike traditional asset management investment routes, our expertise stretches far beyond managing funds.

Why does that matter? It’s all a question of control. Traditional investment managers control the money. But when your expertise includes everything from land appraisal to property development, legalities to lettings, you do more than control the money. You control everything that impacts upon it.

The result is an investment that delivers more

Paul Barlow

Paul’s early career was in Engineering and Production Management. In the late 90s he moved into the financial sector and, over the last 15 years, he has worked with entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals, helping them achieve their financial goals by building portfolio strategies in investment and property.

Paul formed PIC to provide the property opportunities his clients needed. He has since helped countless individuals and organisations take their first steps in property investment, and helped experienced investors grow and diversify their portfolios.

David Burke

David has over 25 years’ experience operating in the commercial investment marketplace. He has developed a wealth of knowledge in this field, working with some of the largest Prop Co companies and funds in the UK.

His understanding of how to turn often unsuccessful commercial investments into strong opportunities has made him a target for many of the top London property funds and developers.

David’s experience ensures every potential PIC investment is subjected to rigorous financial cost appraisal before any acquisition. Once under development, his scrutiny at design and planning stages ensures PIC realises the full potential from every investment opportunity, and is able to guarantee the returns offered to its clients.

Andrew Littler

Andrew Littler is a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, owner of Littler and Associates Ltd and Director and shareholder of Industrial Space Solutions Ltd. Andrew has 25 years’ experience in the property industry. Prior to establishing his own practice in 2000 he was a Director and shareholder of NAI Gooch Webster.

Andrew has handled over 20 million sq ft of commercial property transactions and retained clients include British Airways Pension Fund, UBS, Deutsche Bank, Towngate PLC and Langtree Plc. His transactions have included:

  • The acquisition of the former Ethel Austin HQ in Knowsley which, at 430,000 sq ft on 40 acres, was the largest speculative industrial acquisition during the recession.
  • The acquisition of the former BICC Cables facility, a 68 acre site containing 1 million sq ft of vacant industrial buildings. Planning consent has now been secured for 750 residential dwellings and is one of the North West’s largest residential development sites.

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